Special election called to fill Wapello County Recorder position

Itâ??s election time once again in Wapello County.

As of last Friday Joyce Hass, the incumbent county recorder, officially retired.

By statute, itâ??s up to the Board of Supervisors to replace her.

They considered doing an appointment versus calling for a special election. However, the three supervisors decided against it.

â??Somebody when they come into office as an appointment always have sort of an asterisk behind their name until they've actually won an election. So though it does involve some cost, probably about $12,000 for the county to run the election, we decided to go ahead and have a special election to fill that vacancy,â?? said Steve Siegel, Wapello County Supervisor.

The election will be held Tuesday, June 9.

Siegel said he expects both the democrat and republic parties to hold special conventions to nominate their candidates.

Others who want to run can do a petition and get on the ballot, as well.

A few of the county recorderâ??s responsibilities include taking care of all the deeds, real estate transactions, births, deaths and of course record.