Special Response Team helps in suspect search

Lynnette Roberts, 20, of Kirksville

The search for a Kirksville woman wanted for receiving stolen property leads to a drug-related arrest.

The Adair County Sheriff's Office went to a residence at 20604 Thousand Hills Trail Friday with a search warrant in hand.

They were looking for Lynnette Roberts, 20, who was believed to be staying at that home.

She is wanted in connection with a stolen vehicle case.

Deputies had tried unsuccessfully to contact Roberts at the home several times.

Because of the size of the property and reports that weapons were possibly located inside the residence, the Kirksville Police Department/Adair County Sheriff TMs Office Special Response Team was called in to help.

The team was already assembled to participate in a planned training exercise.

Roberts was not located during the initial search.

Two other people at the home were identified and released. The reported owner, Jeff Sharp, 31, wasn't home at the time.

While there, deputies noticed in plain sight, materials that indicated that illegal drug manufacturing was possibly taking place.

Investigators then got a second search warrant and conducted a thorough search, which seemed to confirm their suspicions.

They uncovered a number of materials that provided probable cause that illegal drugs were being manufactured at the Thousand Hills Trail address.

At about 5:35 p.m. Friday, the Kirksville Police Department found Jeff Sharp at a Kirksville convenience store and took him into custody.

He was in the Adair County Jail on a 24-hour hold pending the formal filing of drug charges.

Meanwhile, Lynnette Roberts remains at-large. Her whereabouts are unknown.