Special session: Legislators headed back to work

Missouri Capital (Newsfile Image)

Summer break for local lawmakers didn't last long.

The legislative session let out just last week.

But an announcement by Gov. Eric Greitens on Thursday means they're headed back to work on Monday.

It's in relation to legislation to create hundreds of jobs in the boot heel.

Around 500 people in Southeast Missouri lost their jobs after a factory closed down.

The legislation to help with those economic issues involves changing the regulation for electric rates.

Some are concerned that could give power companies too much authority, but supporters say a lower business electric bill would attract companies bringing jobs.

State Representative Nate Walker says getting called back for a special session is pretty uncommon in his experience.

The last time it happened was in 2011.

β€œIt's not a regular thing that we do, particular this early after we adjourned a week ago, but when the governor calls a special session, we have to meet and to deal with that so I look forward to continuing to represent the third district and doing what's right for the state of Missouri,” said Rep. Walker.

The house had passed that legislation by a near unanimous vote, but it was rejected in the senate.

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