Spicing up your workout routine with cross-training

Boom Fitness in Fairfield, Iowa uses Cross-training to get its participants in shape and stronger

During the month of February is when New Yearâ??s Resolutions sometimes go down the drain. And for many people, hitting the gym is one of those goals.

Exercising on various workout machines can become boring and mundane making it easy to lose interest in exercising regularly.

However, a workout trend that is quickly becoming popular is cross-training; it incorporates pull-up bars, kettlebells, barbells and wide open space for squatting, running, jumping, climbing, lifting and throwing.

For those that do cross-training, boring is not a word used to describe this workout.

â??Well when people come here -- we actually haven't seen much of that because it is engaging. You're doing a different workout every single day which makes it much more fun. You donâ??t get into a stagnant routine and then you have the community aspect as well so if you don't show up, people are going to see you downtown and say 'where were you this morning. We're used to seeing you at the gym' but it is a hard thing. So people -- in order to stay motivated, just take it one day at a time,â?? said Ti Liptak, Owner of Boom Fitness.

Liptak said all of the moves used can be modified for any fitness level.

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