Spray painted message warns drivers to slow down

The message "25 Slow" was spray painted on N. McLean St. in Ottumwa

With the weather as nice as it is, more and more kids will be playing outside and drivers going through residential areas need to be especially aware of their speed.

This has been made evident on N. McLean St. in Ottumwa. The message â??25 Slowâ?? was spray painted on the bottom of the hill of McLean.

We tried to speak with several people in the neighborhood, but no one was sure who painted the message. One neighbor we did speak with had this to say.

â??No I don't think itâ??s out of hand but my grandchildren donâ??t hang out down by the road either so I guess itâ??s not a big concern right now,â?? said Sherrie Jones, resident of McLean St.

Jones said she is lucky that her driveway is not right off the street but she said some of her neighborsâ?? driveways are closer to the street and they do have small children so she does understand how some of her neighbors might be concerned about speeding cars.

There is a more effective solution for any Ottumwa resident concerned about speeding motorists on their street; Police Chief Tom McAndrew told KTVO that if residents call with concerns about traffic safety near their homes, his department will assign additional patrols in those areas.