Spring maintenance tips for farm equipment

With warmer weather upon us, now is the perfect time to run a pre-season safety check of all your farm machinery and equipment. Jeremy Schneider, from Sydenstrickerâ??s, stopped by the set of Good Morning Heartland to go over the recommended check list. WATCH VIDEO Above to learn more.

Tractors and Equipment Checklist:

â?¢ If you haven't already, adjust brakes, clutches and drives, according to the manual. Make sure they're in working order.

â?¢ Ensure steering, ignition and exhaust system are in top condition.

â?¢ Check and/or change the fluids (differential, transmission and hydraulic fluids oil etc.) to ensure purity and removal of water that may have condensed.

â?¢ Check the cooling system. Look for cracks from freezing and leaks.

â?¢ Check all rubber hoses and plastic parts like fans for cracks.

â?¢ Belts may become brittle and crack. Replace them if they are worn. Check that belts and pulleys are at the proper tension. This reduces slippage.

â?¢ Check that intake guards and shields on grain augers secure.

â?¢ Check that all power take-off units have shields and are back in place if they were removed.

Basic Safety Checklist:

â?¢ Choose a location, like a machine shed with a concrete floor and proper tools nearby, to service your farm equipment.

â?¢ Stop the engine before refueling, servicing or greasing; if possible, wait for the engine to cool before refueling.

â?¢ Never remove or replace belts while pulleys are under power.

â?¢ Keep steps and working platforms free of grease and oil to avoid slips and falls.

â?¢ Hydraulic lines can be under high pressure, do not check for leaks with your hands.

â?¢ Use eye protection and other necessary personal protective equipment.

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