Spring time means spring cleaning of Missouri highways

With warm temperatures around the area, it might have many of you in the spring cleaning mood.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is looking for volunteers for their â??adopt a highwayâ?? program. Volunteers help maintain the areas along state highways.

â??A program that individuals or groups, mostly groups of people because itâ??s easier if you get a group of eight to ten people together and get out and clear a section of highway. You would sign a three year agreement with MoDOT that you are going to adopt a stretch of roadway. In urban areas, itâ??s a half mile at least and in rural areas a two mile stretch. If you get a group of people out there, you can get that done fairly quickly,â?? says MODOT Area Engineer Brian Haeffner.

MoDOT provides safety vests and signs for volunteers out in the field. There is also a safety video they can watch to assure the safety of everyone.

MoDOT began the program in 1987 and has about forty-thousand volunteers covering fifty-two-hundred miles of roadway statewide.

This has saved taxpayers about one-million dollars that MoDOT would otherwise have to spend cleaning.

If you are interested in becoming part of the â??adopt a highwayâ?? program you can call 1-888-ASK-MODOT or visit