Spring winter storm moves through The Heartland

Although spring arrived last week, if you looked outside your window Sunday, it certainly did not look like it.

Heavy bands of snow moved through the Heartland during the overnight hours and through the early morning.

The snow did begin to taper off in the early afternoon but remained light throughout the day.

A Winter Storm Warning and a Winter Weather Advisory was in effect for most of the day.

The spring winter storm took more of a southerly track allowing for less snowfall totals here in our area.

Across southeast Iowa, we saw anywhere from 2-3 inches of snow while northeast Missouri there was a bit more, with 4-5 inches of snow.

But once you go south of our viewing area, into portions of central Missouri, areas such as Columbia, Kansas City and St. Louis saw anywhere from 6-9 inches of snow.

We are still going to see some light snow heading into the overnight hours and into Monday.

Good news for you spring lovers, warmer temperatures are coming this week.