St. Joseph's Hospital nursing graduates reunite

St. Joesph's Hospital nursing graduates have brunch Sunday at the Hotel Ottumwa

Alumni from Saint Joesph's nursing school reunited this weekend, but before they said their goodbyes, they had brunch Sunday morning at the Hotel Ottumwa.

The hospital on E. Alta Vista Ave., where they studied the profession was torn down in 1971, but the memories and friendships are rekindled each reunion. Around 100 nursing graduates attended the event, and about 50 met for brunch. Graduates from the class of 1971 to all the way back to the class of 1946 made it to the reunion.

â??The school closed in 1971, but we try to have a reunion every three years to bring the old graduates back together, to rehash old memories that we had going to school,â?? Sherry Armstrong, Class â??61 said.

Armstrong said the highlight of her experience at St. Joe's was graduating and passing her boards. She is retired now, but was a nurse for 40 years.