Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive coming to a mailbox near you

Ottumwa letter carrier Randall Lien says he has seen some carriers come back with 500 pounds of food from one route

It is the nationâ??s largest single day food drive and itâ??s coming to a mailbox near you.

In an effort to eliminate food insecurity in the United States, Campbell Soup Company is teaming up with the National Association of Letter Carriers for its 21st year of the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

On Saturday, May 11, 175,000 mail carriers around the nation will be collecting non-perishable food donations left at residentsâ?? mailboxes.

â??When we come back and see the accumulation of what everybody else has brought in, it's a lot. When you're talking six or seven great big bins of food at the end of the day, it makes a difference. One or two cans doesn't seem like a lot, but when you get a handful of cans every time you're making a loop from your vehicle and bringing it back, it starts adding up and the back of the truck starts getting full and it does make you feel good to do that,â?? said Randall Lien, Ottumwa Mailman.

Lien said he has seen carriers come back with 500 pounds of food from one route.

In Ottumwa, 5 to 10,000 pounds on average is collected each year.

The donations collected from each city will stay local and be distributed to area food banks.