Standard Register alumni reunion coming up

Standard Register.

For decades, hundreds of Kirksville residents worked at a corporation and became more than coworkers, they became family. 10 years ago this spring, the Standard Register, formerly known as the Burroughs Forms Division, closed its Kirksville facility. Workers decided this is a good year to have an alumni reunion inviting those who worked for the Standard Register and their families back to Kirksville.

Coordinator Mary Jane Kiefer said this is a time for former employees to catch up.

Steven King said it was a shock when the company closed its doors. â??We were a family,â?? King said. â??A vast majority of us were in our late teens early 20s when we started, so we basically grew up together.â??

The reunion is June 8 at the Dukum Inn, in Kirksville. It is set to begin at 6 p.m.

For more information, email Mary Jane Kiefer at You can also add her as a friend on Facebook and she will link you to the reunion group.