State answers in Barber's appeal

Arnold Steven Barber

The appeal of a felony conviction by a former Kirksville dentist has begun to move forward... again.

The Missouri Attorney Generals office, who is handling the response to Steve Barber's appeal, has filed their brief in the case.

In their response to Barber's appeal, the Attorney General's office filed more than 60 pages, responding to Barber's reasons for asking for the guilty verdict to be thrown out.

Barber was convicted by an Adair County jury of two counts of witness tampering. He was found guilty of offering $150,000 to the parents of the victim in the Tom Oswald case for not cooperating with the prosecution.

Barber was sentenced to five years on each of the two counts to be served at the same time. He remains free on $5000 bond, pending the outcome of his appeal.

Click here to view the state response.

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