State budget issues affect TSU funding

House Bill 253, which Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said is "fiscally irresponsible and comes with a price tag of $800 millionâ??, would cut taxes for individuals and businesses for the first time in 90 years.

The governor restricted $400 million from the upcoming budget he said to keep Missouriâ??s fiscal year 2014 budget solid in case Republicans override his veto.

Truman State University President Dr. Troy Paino said it is in the university's best interest that the governor's veto is not overridden. Out of the $400 million the governor is withholding, $1.6 million of that is from Truman State University.

â??For now, we have to behave as if we don't have that $1.6 million,â?? Dr. Paino said. â??So, it's going to cost us to defer a lot of decisions as it relates to spending. A lot of those decisions are going to be construction projects, maintenance and repair issues, purchase of equipment, purchase of vehicles those sorts of things. We're just going to have to hit the pause button, wait and not make any decisions until after the special sessions. I think we'll have a better idea as to whether we'll get that money back or if it's gone permanently. If it's gone permanently I think it's going to impact the local community.â??

Nate Walker, Missouri District 3 State Representative, said he is going to reserve his final decision until after he hears all the debates. The Republican-controlled legislature returns to the capitol on September 14 for its annual veto session.

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