State lawmakers hold annual State of the District Address

<font size="3" face="Calibri">Senator Brian Munzlinger was in attendance along with State Representatives Nate Walker and Craig Redmon.</font>


We also spoke with State Representative Craig Redmon and he told us more on a new MODOT Commission Bill, which pushes to expand the current five member representation to seven members. Redmon says these new members will allow all regions of the state to be represented.

â??Right now the way the commission is set up, there's no member above I-70 on that commission, so I feel like North Missouri is just not fairly represented on that commission. This would just make it where each area of the state is represented; feeling like they have more representation at the table when there's money out to spend,â?? says Redmon.


The Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Governmental Affairs Committee hosted the annual State of the District Address Thursday morning at the Adair County Annex Building.

Senator Brian Munzlinger was in attendance along with State Representatives Nate Walker and Craig Redmon. The three presented an outline of the current legislative agenda.

KTVO caught up with Walker after the address to get his take on the chemotherapy option bill.

â??It's another form of treatment where instead of taking chemotherapy in a doctor's office or the hospital, you can take a pill and this has been under experimental conditions for a long time and it's very effective,â?? said Walker.

Walker says the bill encourages insurance companies to allow the pill as a first choice chemotherapy option. The bill has passed through the senate and house. Governor Nixon signed the bill just yesterday. The chemotherapy bill is one of six bills passed to the governor's office.

Munzlinger discussed Missouriâ??s agriculture industry and how he plans to keep funding where it should be to maintain Missouriâ??s economy.

â??Agriculture is very important. We do have the right to farm issue on the ballot this fall and itâ??s non-side specific. It applies to all of agriculture, whether you're a small producer that may be raising for the Farmer's Market or whether you're a large producer,â?? said Munzlinger.

Munzlinger says we need protection to keep what he calls the outer state radical activists from killing the main source of growth here in Missouri.