State of District meeting talks to locals

The annual state of the district meeting was held Thursday morning in Kirksville.

Zachary Wyatt of the Second District State Representatives and Missouri State Senator Brian Munzlinger spoke at Thursday's meeting.

A big topic of concern was the state economy and ongoing deficit

â??A lot of people know this year we are about a 500 million dollar shortfall in our budget and thatâ??s because we donâ??t have federal dollars coming into the state of Missouri anymore and I guess you can say somewhat itâ??s a good thing that we are getting cut off of from mommy and daddy in the federal government,â?? said Wyatt.

Munzlinger says while the state economy is struggling, agriculture, the backbone of the state, is doing ok.

Education was also a topic of conversation.

â??Most important thing for us up here is the transportation dollars. We have to make sure we are able to get our kids to and from school. This is one of our main priorities and should be our number one priority and every single year we get less and less money in the transportation budget. You know, we have to also as a rural area continue to fight not to bail out the Kansas City and St. Louis school districts,â?? said Wyatt.

Wyatt says itâ??s not necessarily a money issue but rather we canâ??t continue to pour money into a failing district and expect different results.

Wyatt and Munzlinger also talked about progress of ongoing bills and took questions from the audience.

Both say progress is being made on several different bills they are working on.