State of Missouri receives 'F' grade when it comes to tobacco control

The state of Missouri has received an 'F' grade rating when it comes to tobacco control.

The Show-Me-State made no progress in 2013 when it came to reducing death and disease caused by tobacco, according to the 'State of Tobacco Control Report.'

The report grades the state in four different categories: Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Funding, Smoke-Free Air, Cigarette Tax, and Cessation Coverage. The state of Missouri has continued to receive an 'F' in all four categories for several years in a row. Tobacco causes an estimated 9,584 deaths in Missouri annually.

"Unfortunately, Missouri receives 4 F's every year. Once again, Missouri has failed to make tobacco control a priority in the state and to put the health of citizens first. So, it's really time for Missouri to step up in the fight against tobacco and make some changes that are going to improve the health of people in the state," said Michelle Bernth, of the American Lung Association.

If interested in quitting smoking, contact the American Lung Association in Missouri at 1-800-586-4872 or click here for a list of resources on the best ways to quit and live a healthier lifestyle.