State of Missouri to receive funding for mental health

The state of Missouri is in the process of receiving state funding for community mental health centers.

Governor Jay Nixon and lawmakers have added $10 million for mental health treatment this past fiscal year. The state funding has allowed the Mark Twain Behavioral Health Center in Kirksville to develop new programs to help better the lives for those that struggle with mental health issues.

The new programs at the center include training for mental health first aid, having an emergency room liaison to assist in emergencies, and providing access to mental health services.

"Basically, this $10 million was to target people that have problems accessing services, problems navigating public mental health services for people that are not sure how to access it, maybe not even have the funds you know to pay for services in the event of needing some stabilization or long term mental health services," said Angela Caraway, of the Mark Twain Behavioral Health Center.

The Mark Twain Behavioral Health Center was one of 7 community centers to receive extra state funding to implement the programs.