State-of-the-art smiles coming soon to a mouth near you

The Heartland's newest, state-of-the-art dental care facility is set to open on Monday.

On Friday, KTVO got an exclusive sneak peek inside the Northeast Missouri Health Council's new dental clinic on West Jefferson Street in Kirksville.

The building has been under construction for the past 11 months.

It was finished on schedule thanks to cooperative weather.

Now that it is done, the moving-in process kicked into high gear early Friday afternoon.

The dentists, dental hygienists and other office staffers were busy getting all their supplies put away and ready to go by bright and early Monday.

"We took a little bit of time (Friday) to show off our facility to ATSU's board of directors and their staff and faculty,â?? said Andy Grimm, Northeast Missouri Health Council CEO. â??So now that we're done with the showing off of the building, we're ready to open. We're actually moving today. We'll be opening our dental clinic on Monday forâ?¦patient careâ?¦ (We have to) make sure all of our electronic dental records are up and running and ready to go so that we're ready first thing Monday morning."

The $3.8 million facility will also be home to Northeast Pediatrics and OB/GYN Speciality Group.

Northeast Pediatrics will open its doors on November 5.

OB/GYN Speciality Group will be ready to open in the new facility on November 19.

Grimm said a public open house is being planned for the near future.