'State of the City' address reflects on the year 2013 in Kirksville

The annual 'State of the City' address in Kirksville was held early Monday evening.

Heads from more than 10 city departments had an opportunity to speak about accomplishments and projects that were completed in 2013.

The address also allowed the department heads to discuss any changes in the organizational structure over the past year and what they have planned for the upcoming year.

The plans for the year include new ways to train employees and implementing the use of social media and other online programs to help reach out to the community in order to get ideas for different improvements in the city.

"I think one of the things this does is provide an opportunity for everybody to show what it is we do over the course of the year, and it's considerable. A lot of which most people don't know about, so it's a great opportunity for us to get that message out there and let people know what their tax dollars are being spent for," said Kirksville Police Chief Jim Hughes.

If you would like to get in contact with any of the city departments to help improve the city of Kirksville, visit City Hall on Franklin Street Monday through Friday.