State Rep. Larry Sheets discusses legislative accomplishments, future plans

Larry Sheets

Republican State Rep. Larry Sheets sat down with KTVO on Monday for an interview discussing this past legislative session in the house.

He says some of the key accomplishments with committees he served on were passing education reform, getting rid of Iowa Care, which he says was a major milestone for healthcare reform and also reducing property taxes.

â??The property tax reform was important,â?? State Rep. Larry Sheets (R)-Moulton said. â??What we did there was we dropped the cap on the growth of the property tax from 4 percent down to 3 percent, which doesnâ??t make that much of a difference in year one, but by the time you get out 10 years it makes a phenomenal difference for the residents will be paying for the property tax.â??

Rep. Sheets resides southwest of Moulton, and has announced he plans to run again for the 80th District in 2014. If elected, he plans to focus on making sure schools get adequate funding and working to lower income taxes for Iowa residents.