State Rep. Mary Gaskill looks forward to next legislative session

Mary Gaskill

State Rep. Mary Gaskill, (D), 93rd District, is looking forward to the next legislative session, which begins on January 14.

She says she expects this to be a short session because several state representatives are running for other offices. Gaskill says she's interested in working hard on the Bottle Bill, which she believes will create more jobs, and she says she thinks other colleagues are interested in finding a resolution. She also expects to do some fine-tuning to bills passed last year.

â??Iâ??m really interested in seeing how the Iowans for Skilled Workforce is working and that program that we started this last year to help people get jobs and get their skills upgraded, and I saw the report, and we really need to work to help people upgrade after their high school education,â?? Gaskill said.

Gaskill says she tries her best to stay informed on all the issues. She told KTVO she thinks working on a Voter ID Bill is a possibility in the upcoming session.