State Representative candidates go head to head in forum

The two Republican candidates running for State Representative of the 3rd District went head to head in a candidate forum Tuesday night.

Candidate Dr. John Bailey and incumbent Nate Walker were present at the forum at A.T. Still University. The Third District for the Show-Me-State consists of the western portion of Adair County, as well as Mercer, Putnam and Sullivan Counties.

At the forum, the candidates discussed topics ranging from the economy to education to amendments that will also be found on the election ballot. In recent years, both K-12 and higher education have been victim to serious budget restrictions and reductions. Incumbent Nate Walker says that investing in education and supporting teachers is a must.

"I support education, I've been supporting it from K-12 and also higher education. They are all very important," said Rep. Nate Walker.

Dr. John Bailey also values the importance of education.

"As an educator having gone through it, I'm a strong supporter of education," said Dr. John Bailey.

However, when it came to supporting Amendment 7, the candidates were found to disagree. Nate Walker is in support of it and all of the work that the Missouri Department of Transportation has done to plan road improvement projects if the measure is passed.

"MoDOT has worked hard to come up with projects for every area of the state," added Walker.

Amendment 7 would raise the state sales tax by 3/4 of a cent in order to fund those improvements.

"It's one of the biggest tax increases we've ever seen in the state of Missouri," added Bailey.

The candidates both stress that they will take care of residents of the 3rd District if elected.

Show-Me-State voters will cast their vote on August 5th and decide who they would like to be the next State Representative for the 3rd District.