State to hold public forum on CWD in Ottumwa

Three southeast Iowa State Representatives are hosting a public forum concerning Chronic Wasting Disease.

The meeting will take place at the Ottumwa UFCW Hall on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

Earlier in 2012, the disease was discovered in a diseased deer in Davis County.

Officials from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be at the meeting to inform the public about what is being done to make sure the disease does not spread, but to also answer any questions.

â??I understand that there are 150 breeding pens in Iowa scattered all over the state, and there are about seven game preserves in Iowa; so this is something right now that is in the private preserves, it is not in the wild herd. We do not want it to get into the wild herd and the free herd. Missouri and I understand, they have some problems with it in their wild herd, Iowa does not have that problem and we are trying to contain it so it does not get into the wild herd,â?? said State Representative Curt Hanson of Fairfield.

Hanson, along with Ottumwa Representative Mary Gaskill and Bloomfield Representative Kurt Swaim are sponsoring the forum.

Another problem that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has discovered in Iowaâ??s deer population is EHD Disease. The disease usually is prevalent during long periods of drought, and the deer usually shows signs that it is stressed.

Complete press release from the state representatives:

Des Moines, IA â??State Representatives Curt Hanson of Fairfield, Mary Gaskill of Ottumwa and Kurt Swam of Bloomfield are hosting a public forum for individuals who have questions concerning Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), which was discovered in Davis County earlier this summer.

Officials from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be in attendance to answer any questions regarding the disease and containment measures.

The first sign Chronic Wasting Disease in Iowa was discovered at a hunting preserve in Davis County this summer. CWD is a neurological disease that only affects deer, elk and moose. It is caused by an abnormal protein which affects the brains of infected animals, causing them to lose weight, display abnormal behavior and lose bodily functions.

For those unable to attend, feel free to contact Representative Hanson at 641-919-2314 or, Representative Gaskill, 641-682-6417 or or Representative Swaim at 641-664-1983 or

What: Chronic Wasting Disease Public Forum

When: Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 7pm

Where: Ottumwa UFCW Hall, 1301 E. Mary St, Ottumwa