State Troopers promote safety for the holiday weekend

The Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching.

Itâ??s important to keep safety in mind while youâ??re out enjoying the picnics, barbeques and fireworks.

There will be heavy traffic on the roadways and drivers are reminded to be alert and defensive.

State Troopers will be busy with Operation C.A.R.E. (combined accident reduction effort) and the Twenty-mile Trooper Program to ensure civilian safety.

These programs will require all available Troopers to work Thursday through Sunday. They will patrol in twenty mile increments.

â??Last year in the state of Missouri, nineteen people were killed during this same holiday period so our goal is pretty simple,â?? said Sergeant Brent Bernhardt, with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. â??We want people to get to their destination safely and then be able to go back home safely.â??

Missouri waterways will also be busy this weekend and Troopers plan to monitor them heavily.

Always remember to find a sober driver if alcohol is your plans and wear a seatbelt.