State Troopers receive recognition for heroism

Back on February 1st, there was a fire that engulfed the Cairo Senior Citizen Housing Complex. While the fire caused the housing complex to be a total loss, Sergeant Nicholas Berry and Corporal Kyle Easley prevented this story to be far more tragic. At approximately 12:37 a.m. Sergeant Berry and Corporal Easley responded to the rapidly spreading fire and entered multiple rooms of the complex to locate and help evacuate three elderly tenants. After getting them out safely, all the tenants were evaluated by ambulance personnel and released to their family. While the tenants were being evaluated, Sergeant Berry and Corporal Easley continued their service by helping firefighters move vehicles away from the structure fire to prevent further loss. On Monday, both Sergeant Berry and Corporal Easley were rewarded for their heroic efforts.

â??For both of them to be patrolling in that area, but for them being there, but for them breaking the doors down, but them going in and help we probably would have had a loss for lives and that is something we really don't like. Throughout the state this year we've had several fires in several of our complexes and there have been lives lost and I am just so grateful to these two fine young men that we didn't have any lives lost,â?? said Janie Dunning State Director for USDA World Development.

Both highway patrolmen were happy to accept the award, but insist that they were at the right place at the right time and were simply doing what was expected of them.