Stats reveal how many inmates housed in Adair County Jail

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The following figures were provided to KTVO by Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick.

He wants to make the public aware of exactly how many inmates are housed at the Adair County Jail in a given month.

Below you will find the information he provided.

February 2014 Jail Statistics

The Adair County Jail received a total of 81 new inmates in February.

The jail maintained an average daily population of 39 inmates with 47 being our highest count for February.

The ranges of charges are broken down as follows:

12-hour intoxication holds â?? 11

24-hour investigative holds â?? 4

Failure to Appear â?? 13

Drug Offenses â?? 8

Theft/Stealing â?? 11

Parole Violations â?? 0

Probation Violations â?? 3

Assault/Violent Offenses â?? 3

Sentenced to serve time in county jail â?? 14

Traffic Offenses â?? 8

Misc Offenses â?? 6

From January 1st, 2014 to February 28th, 2014 we have received a total of 173 arrestees in the Adair County Jail.

January â?? we received 92 new inmates

February â?? we received 81 new inmates

Throughout the month of February 2014, we held a total of 45 inmates for other counties/agencies.

(Information provided by the Adair County Sheriffâ??s Office)