Stay smart on the road in 2012

Many of us make New Year's resolutions that revolve around healthy activities.

Lovegreen Ford of Kirksville is offering tips to help you and your family drive safe in 2012.

Most of the rules are pretty basic. They include sitting up straight or paying attention to everything around you.

Other tips include buckling up before you start your car, checking the tire pressure on all of your tires and making sure you know your car by reading the instruction manual.

One of the major concerns on the roadways have been the usage of cell phones.

"The studies that are out there say about 80 percent of accidents are caused by distractions. Cell phones cause distractions whether it be talking or texting. I think it's best to use good judgment if you use your cell phone because distractions are causing accidents," said General Manager of Lovegreen Ford Bill Lovegreen.

Newer models of Ford's have installed a hands free device known as SYNC which is developed by Microsoft.

Here is the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions to help you drive safer and smarter in 2012.