Steering away from bad driving

"The day that you do get your drivers license, you are a good driver," Sgt. Brent Bernhardt said.

"The day that you so get your driver's license, you are a good driver," said Sgt. Brent Bernhardt.

How many years and miles ago did you get your driver's license?

For many motorists, drivers ed classes may be a distant memory. Since years have passed when you first received the rules of the road, it might be time to yield to those bad driving habits.

When you approach a stop sign you are to look around, stop for a complete three seconds before proceeding, and many drivers have forgotten that.

"As our world has developed we know we've added many distractions to our driving habits," said Bernhardt.

He says some those distractions include: eating, having an intense conversation with a passenger, talking on your cell phone, and even texting.

He said that anything that takes your mind or your focus off driving is a distraction and causes traffic crashes.

Drivers should constantly monitor their driving skills to steer away from bad driving habits.