Steve Siegel and Tom Harkin Ottumwa campaign stop

<p dir="ltr" align="left">U.S. Senator Tom Harkin speaks at Steve Siegelâ??s campaign event in Ottumwa</p>

Democratic State Senate candidate Steve Siegel welcomed U.S. Senator Tom Harkin to his campaign event on Thursday at Appanoose Rapids in Ottumwa.

Senator Harkin told KTVO that he is backing the longtime community supervisor because he is hard working and compassionate. Harkin also said that Siegel understands that Iowans need good government, not big government.

Siegel explains why heâ??s looking for a seat in the Iowa Capitol.

"My main theme is preserving and expanding the middle class and there has been a lot of negative pressure in recent years has made it hard for people to get a middle class job and if they have on harder to keep it so most of the issues Iâ??m advocating really feed into that theme," said Siegel.

Siegel is running against Incumbent Republican Senator Mark Chelgren for this yearâ??s November election.