Stores raided, owner speaks out

Owner of SmellgoodZ speaks out about Wednesday's morning raids

Both his business locations were raided early Wednesday morning, now the owner of SmellGoodz is speaking out about the incident.

Travis Lovett's SmellGoodz locations in Macon and Brookfield, Missouri were both searched by police and the North Missouri Drug Task Force.

During the raids, which lasted about three hours each, several items were confiscated including glass pipes, security equipment, an alleged imitation controlled substance and the incense Bocomo Dew.

That substance has been creating controversy because people are known for smoking and getting high off of it.

"It's not a controlled substance," Lovett said. "we sell it as a potpourri after they leave my store I don't care what they do with it, I sell it as a potpourri."

Lovett also said he didn't understand why so many things were seized because everything in his store is legal.

"It's a legit business and as soon as they illegalize it, I'll stop selling it but they'll have another product like it and I will sell it." Lovett said.

According to Lovett about $14,000 worth of stuff was confiscated from his store in Brookfield. He's still unsure how much merchandise was taken from his Macon location.

He also says he will continue to sell Bocomo Dew and everything else in his store until its illegal in the state of Missouri.

The SmellGoodz location in Brookfield has been open for about five months, his location in Macon has only been open for about a month. Not only that, Lovett says he plans to open more locations in Missouri in the near future but wouldn't go into much detail.View our previous story on the raids....