Storms damage landscaping across the Heartland

Ostranders Flowers and Greenhouse located in Eldon, Iowa.

Many homeowners have lost trees in their yards after this past week of severe weather across the Heartland.

Employees at Ostranderâ??s Flowers and Greenhouse are keeping busy preparing for a rush of customers looking to replace the trees destroyed in these recent storms. The owner says the prices range from $30-$130 depending on the type of tree you are looking for. Experts suggest investing in a larger tree like maple, oak or sycamore trees because these will produce faster than smaller trees do.

â??If theyâ??re just damaged, get an arborist out to try and trim up and salvage the tree if itâ??s salvageable,â?? Employee Donald Harness said. â??If not, theyâ??ll have to replace them, and if itâ??s a large tree, it might have to be moved because of the stump size thatâ??s left in the ground.â??

To find out if damaged trees at your house are salvageable or not, the DNR has a repair and replacement checklist that can help guide you through what to do next. You can access that here.