Strange law in Ottumwa just an urban legend

With many new laws in effect in Iowa for the new year, one of the weirdest laws throughout history was tied to Ottumwa--however, that law was a hoax all along.

There is an urban legend that it is illegal in the city of Ottumwa for men to wink at women they don't know.

The myth has continued to persist over the internet with many journalists and television shows contacting the city to discuss it.

"Most recently, I received a call from the producers with Larry the Cable Guy doing his program wanting to talk about this unusual law about winking at a girl in Ottumwa, Iowa being illegal," said Ottumwa Public Information Coordinator Tom Rodgers. "And they were a little disappointed to find out that it was more of a myth or a legend than reality."

It is unknown how the urban legend behind this law started.