Street improvement projects happening in Kirksville

The Kirksville Public Works Department and construction crews are braving the heat to improve local streets.

The department is currently working on four different projects in Kirksville. Those improvements include storm drain work in the College Park subdivision and a water main replacement on Hamilton Street. The 'Street Resurfacing Program' is also underway on Bradford between Jefferson and Scott Streets and on Halliburton between Normal and Patterson. The resurfacing program will allow public works crews to repair curbs on the streets and also prepare the road for new asphalt and concrete. The improvements are something that the city streets are in need of after the harsh winter.

"It's important to maintain the streets for public access. Citizens like to drive on their streets without having to go through those bumps and humps and everything else," said Alan Griffiths, Kirksville Public Works Director.

Motorists in the areas where crews are working in Kirksville are encouraged to use caution and drive carefully.