Students and firefighters team up to raise money for smoke alarms

Evans Middle School students will be heading over to the central fire station in Ottumwa Tuesday afternoon, to help raise money for those who cannot afford smoke detectors.

â??Fire and Iceâ?? is the name of the yearly event, and the program is geared toward fire safety. Students and firefighters will be serving ice cream from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the fire station.

Master Firefighter Ron Klein spoke with KTVO about the fundraiser Monday. According to Klein, the goal of the event is to really provide life saving equipment, like smoke detectors, to those in need.

â??We have a lot of houses in Ottumwa that do not have smoke alarms or they have smoke alarms and the batteries are not working. This event is just to make people aware of the need for smoke alarms, whether to change the batteries, or if they need one they need to contact us here, we will help them get smoke alarms,â?? said Klein.

Besides raising money for smoke alarms, the event also educates the public on the importance of fire safety.

â??The Blank Childrenâ??s Hospital fire safety unit is going to be here at the central fire station. It is a great learning took for children, as well as adults. They can come and run through the house simulator, and also we teach them what to look for, such as hazards and such, and how to get out of their home if it does catch on fire,â?? said Klein.

If you cannot make it to the event and would like to donate to the program, you can make a donation at anytime at either the central fire station or south-side fire station during normal business hours.