Students are finding summer jobs

Summer is here, and that means kids are trying to find ways to be busy and make some money at the same time.

According to the Missouri Career Center in Kirksville, the summer job outlook for students has been pretty good.

Many students have gotten summer jobs at the ballparks, Aquatic Center, the call center, and Thousand Hills State Park. Other opportunities are still available.

"A lot of kids have been getting jobs in different fields. There are still jobs out there out there in retail, food services, and other call centers. It's not just for the summer but leading into the fall as well," said Cathy Collop of the Missouri Career Center.

While the outlook is good, there are some law requirements.

"Many employers are not able to hire under 18 for various reasons due to laws they have to go by such as how many hours they can work during the summer," Collop said.

Even though most employers only allow 18 years old or older to work, some businesses do allow ages 16 years old and up to work.

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