Students at Indian Hills Provide Samples of International Cuisines

Indian Hills Community College held its second annual international dinner Thursday evening.

International students worked with students in the culinary arts program to provide guests with at taste of the world. Eight countries were represented at the dinner ranging from Germany to Japan.

For $20, guests received a diverse six course meal. The two groups of students worked together for three weeks creating a variety of dishes.

Indian Hills Culinary Arts Chair, Gordon Rader, praised the school for taking a proactive approach in bringing in international students.

"I love being here. I love what we're doing. I love what other departments are doing to work with us--to talk about cultural exchanges, intellectual exchanges, idea exchanges, and lookin for investment strategies for our area in the future. I think that's very important," said Rader.

The funds raised at the international dinner will be evenly split between IHCC's International Club and Culinary Arts Club.