Students create their own books

"Build a Book Laboratory".

Students at Faith Lutheran School in Kirksville were able to do something unique this Thursday afternoon. The students were participants in a "Build a Book Laboratory".

From 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., students were able to create their own books in conjunction with their spring book fair. This event promotes literacy and encourages students to have fun reading and writing.

Faith Lutheran School's Cheryl Flaim said students are really having fun.

â??They are all creating their own stories and creating the pictures out of stickers and paper and craft things and having a lot of fun not just reading, but also writing this week,â?? Flaim said. â??I think they are having a ton of fun we have a big crowd here and a lot of kids turned out for it and I think they're having a great time.â??

Students are also participating in a read-a-thon this week, with a goal of reading more than 10,000 minutes school-wide by Friday.