Students from Ottumwa participate in Iowa Youth Congress

If you were to turn on the television at anytime during the day, you would see political ads, aimed at swaying your vote.

Students in Ottumwa were participating in the regional meetings of the Iowa Youth Congress Wednesday.

The program is geared toward high school students who are interested in getting involved in the political process


Students from Ottumwa met at the Ottumwa Public Library.

In their regional meetings, the students were brainstorming ideas, which they all would agree upon at the end of the day and propose those ideas as bills to the mock congress in November.

"We travel around Iowa and recruit different groups of kids from different regions; and right now we are doing are regional meetings where we talk about our bill ideas and kind of crystallize them. In November, we will actually travel to Des Moines and to the capitol itself and do a mock congress together," said Frances Collins-Dusseault with the Iowa Youth Congress.

The mock congress is set to take place on November 1st through the 3rd.

Some ideas the students were brainstorming at the Ottumwa meeting ranged from the Dream Act to issues dealing with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

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