Students give back by giving blood

It was a big day of giving Friday at Van Buren High School; not only did students packs thousands of meals for the food insecure but the National Honor Society had its annual blood drive.

More than 65 students and staff were expected to donate today.

Because of the recent flu outbreak across the country, not as many people were able to donate.

Now, it is more important than ever for those that are able to donate to do so.

â??I think it's a good cause because you get to save three lives every time you donate and that's good for your school, and for your community and for yourself,â?? said Abby Rider, Van Buren Junior.

â??Giving blood is a great way to contribute to society because it just helps people who are in need out and the kids learn -- I think itâ??s a way for them to be exposed to a different way of giving and kind of get exposed to the medical community and understand some of the science and issues behind blood and blood donation,â?? said Adam Perkins, NHS Sponsor.

The students who donated today said donating is quick and painless and they encourage everyone to donate.