Students go barefoot for One Day Without Shoes

Mrs. Lindberg's class at Davis County Elementary participate in the One Day Without Shoes.

A class of third graders in Davis County went barefoot Tuesday, all for a good cause.

The students in Mrs. Lindberg's class were celebrating Toms' Day Without Shoes. The day has grown into a world-wide movement for children's health and education awareness.

We let a few of the students tell KTVO why they were going shoeless.

"One Day Without Shoes is when we take off our shoes and socks and we're raising awareness for the millions of kids all over the world that doesn't have any shoes to wear," said John.

"Kids in other countries, they can't attend school without shoes," said Madison. "So that's why we aren't wearing any shoes."

"It's where we take of our shoes to feel what the pressure is like wearing no shoes," added Shawn.

Jodi Lindberg said a goal in her classroom is to learn how to put others before you. Participating in the Day Without Shoes is a good reminder of how fortunate we are.

"For our birthdays, we want toys," said Sophia. "This is their birthday present -- shoes. Some countries, they need it, and we don't. We have money, they don't. So it's inspiring to them."

The students also wrote and produced their own newscast as part of the Toms lesson plan. To watch their project, click here.

To learn more about the One Day Without Shoes movement, click here.