Students help after tree falls on home

The winds were so strong they uprooted a tree and caused it to fall on a home on Steer Creek Way.

Strong, straight-line winds caused a huge tree to fall on a home outside Kirksville.

The winds were so strong they uprooted a tree and blew it onto a home on Steer Creek Way. Luckily no one was hurt. A group of Kirksville High School buddies teamed up to help their friend's parents get all the brush cleared.

"We were just upstairs in tyson's room watching TV, and we heard a loud thump, and we just rocked and we looked at each other," said Gunner Western. "We went outside, and his dad was just staring at something, and we turned the corner, and there was this big tree on the house."

At first, the group of guys didn't want to talk to KTVO because they didn't want to be acknowledged for their work.

They told us they thought they were just doing what they were supposed to by simply helping out.

"...thinking we were just gonna hang out with them," said Tyler, one of Western's friends. "We didn't know the tree was down, and we just turned around the corner, and the tree was already down. So we just decided to pick up and help there."

The homeowners, Troy and Linda Grgurich, bought the boys some pizza as a token of their appreciation.