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      Students learn a lesson in butter and syrup

      Maple syrup, butter and pancakes are three ingredients for a great breakfast, but what is the science and nutrition behind these foods?

      Fifth grade students at Black Hawk Elementary in Kahoka, Missouri are getting the chance to learn just that with the help of the University of Missouri Extension.

      Teaching the class how to make butter and maple syrup is how MU Extension Specialists link science, agriculture and nutrition to the students' everyday lives.

      "Our younger generations are growing up less involved in agriculture. They may actually live on a farm, but they are not getting the same experience that their parents and grandparents had. Theyâ??re not having that direct connection with production agriculture," said Katie Hogan, MU Extension Youth Program Assistant.

      Students discover homemade butter can be made with only one ingredient: heavy whipping cream, but store bought butter contains much more.

      Teacher Rhonda Lacount, shared her family's tradition of making maple syrup.

      Lacount says this is another great way to teach kids about science and nutrition.

      â??I've always believed that students can learn a little better hands-on, in addition to the bookwork,â?? said Lacount.

      It's these hands on experiments that help students learn where their food comes from.

      â??It goes back to those good old-fashioned farm family values and making what you can get from the earth and the products that you raise,â?? said Hogan.

      For more information on this topic and more, go to the University of Missouri Extension website. .