Students learn about being healthy by jumping around at the mall

Hundreds of students from across Ottumwa participated in Jump 2012 at the Quincy Place Mall Saturday afternoon.

The event, sponsored by the Physical Education Department through the Ottumwa Community School District had one of its largest turnouts ever.

Students in grades 2 through 5 were split up into seven groups, each group participated in a special task, such as jump roping, dancing or learning about how to choose a healthier snack.

Emily Phommachack, a physical education teacher at James and Eisenhower Elementary School spoke with KTVO about why the event is important to the students and to the community.

"This is important because it teaches the students that physical activity is very important in their lives, and we give them a chance to show off to the community what we're doing in our schools, and to their parents as well. We enjoy doing this for the kids, this is our best turnout this year, so we are really excited about it," said Phommachack.

Other activities students were able to participate in included hula hooping and going through an obstacle course.