Students learn about different career paths

      Kirksville Primary School annual Workers on Wheels event.

      Since 2008, students at the Kirksville Primary School have got a sneak peek into several careers.

      From 10:00 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Thursday, students at the Primary School participated in the annual Workers on Wheels event.

      Students were able to learn about different career paths and Guidance Counselor Diana Dawson said the students love it.

      â??Today as you can see the weather's kind of cold and rainy, but the kids don't seem to mind,â?? Dawson said. â??They enjoy it, and I think they learn a lot from it. They really enjoy the ice cream truck and seeing the guest. They get to go on some of the trucks â?¦ and ask questions and things like that.â??

      The Kirksville Fire Department and Kirksville Police Department were there, just to name a few.