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      Students learn the bold recoils in fighting crime

      Round after round a group of Heartland students aimed their firearms and focused on the target.

      A group of about 30 high school juniors and seniors participated in the program to help them better understand the duties of a law enforcement officer.

      Students had to make quick reactions like officers, in responding to daily during chaotic situations.

      Eleyna Kohl, a student participant tells us she's never touched a gun.

      "It was my first time shooting, I've never shot a gun, ever and I've never held a gun either," Kohl said.

      Saturday's program was all part of the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Student Alliance Program. It's a program that exposes students to the operations and activities of law enforcement officers.

      Sergeant Brent Bernhardt, with the Missouri State Highway Patrol tells us that many of the students found out being a law enforcement officer was not easy as it seems.

      The students were shooting Glocks and learning the bold recoils officers deal with during crime.

      "This is the day when we have been participating in a lot of hand on activities," Bernhardt said. "We've also been outside doing what we call stop and approach. We've actually set up scenarios for the students to walk up to cars and actually play the part of the police officer."

      This two-day program was not only for student looking into going into law enforcement, but all students just wanting to know more.

      Kohl wants to be a doctor and she said, "I wanted to come out here and see even though I'm not going to be a cop. I was curious. What they have to do and how risky it can be."

      The students had the opportunity to learn firearms, crime scene investigation and even traffic safety.

      Students say they've learned a lot. And for shooting those Glocks, well they definitely enjoyed it.

      "Yeah it was fun, I liked it, it's nice. He told me I did pretty good for my first time," Kohl said.