Students make record food bank donation

Nutrition 150 Section 1 class

The hard work of some Truman State University students nets the largest single contribution from the Heartland to The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri. The Nutrition 150 class made its 'Change for Change' a week-long project to seek donations for the food insecure.

Tuesday morning, the Nutrition 150 Section One class presented Susan Dublin, The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri Regional Coordinator, with a check for $5,032. That will provide 75,480 pounds of food. Dublin told the class that this amount of money has never been raised for The Food Bank in this area before and it all will stay in Kirksville.

Students in the nutrition 150 Section Two class also took part in a presentation Tuesday afternoon.

The students far exceeded their goal of $3,600. They raised $1,337 on campus and the rest was raised in special weekend food drives in Kirksville.

The class also received 1,048 pounds of non-perishable food which was donated to the Salvation Army.