Students raise awareness by going barefoot

Jodi Lindberg's 3rd Grade class at Davis County Elementary School went barefoot to raise awareness of those that can't afford shoes all over the world

Walk into Jodi Lindbergâ??s 3rd grade class at Davis County Elementary School and youâ??ll find a classroom full of barefoot students.

For the past four years, Lindbergâ??s class has been participating in Tomâ??s Shoes â??One Day with no Shoes.â??

â??We do this to raise awareness for the millions of children all around the world that don't have shoes and the class just really helps the students to think outside themselves because as a child it's really easy to thing, me, me me, and so we do this to help think of others because we are very fortunate,â?? said Lindberg.

And for the students, this is an eye opening experience. They have learned about the various diseases children in third world countries get by going barefoot everyday.

â??Iâ??m lucky that we have shoes because Podoconiosis is where you get really bad diseases in your feet and you can't wear shoes and you can do anything,â?? said Mackenzie Breeding, 3rd Grader.

â??I thought that it was pretty cool to do one day where you take off your shoes and to raise awareness for all the kids who don't have shoes and that was really nice,â?? said Addie Hunter, 3rd Grader.

Lindberg said itâ??s exciting to hear her students share with others why they are not wearing shoes therefore spreading awareness.

â??And through the years Iâ??ve had kids say â??Oh Iâ??m in Mrs. Lindbergâ??s class so we'll get to do this One Day Without Shoesâ?? and so they think it is a fun activity but it's also an important activity so that we can raise awareness for others,â?? said Lindberg.