Students raise awareness on violence against women

Women of Wesleyan Day will be held on campus Monday, March 25.

Students at Iowa Wesleyan College are working to raise awareness of educational equality and ending violence against women.

IWC holds WOW Day, or Women of Wesleyan Day, each year to shed light on the different gender issues that still exist in our society.

Senior Nathan Strusz, junior Paula Kennerson and junior Sara Mengel have been discussing gender-related issues in their Psychology of Gender class.

"They say we have equality when every day, men are still getting paid more and woman are paid less for doing the same job," Strusz said.

Now, the three are coordinating a day of awareness that will take place on Monday, March 25. Each of them has studied an issue that struck a cord; for Strusz, it was educational inequality in other countries and how we take advantage of the educational opportunities in the United States. Kennerson focused on the inequalities of pay in the workplace and for Mengel, it was unequal treatment between genders.

"Sometimes women won't even be considered for a promotion because of their gender," she said.

WOW Day's goal is to get the entire campus involved and raise awareness.

"Iowa Wesleyan College has a long tradition of supporting women and this college really tries to empower women," Kennerson said. "When you graduate this college, you're not only leaving with the core things you need for your degree, you're leaving with real world skills and a tendency to serve."

Some of those women include Belle Babb Mansfield, an IWC graduate and the first woman lawyer in the United States, and Peggy Whitson, another IWC college and a current NASA astronaut.

WOW Day will include a luncheon that is free and open to the public and will feature speakers on the topics of educational equality and violence against women. It will be held at noon in the International Room of the Chadwick Library on campus. It is free and open to the public and you are invited to bring a lunch while listening to the speakers.

Strusz, Kennerson and Mengel also encourage everyone to wear denim on Monday to promote ending violence against women.

Finally, there will also be a Take Back the Night march beginning at 7:30 p.m. on campus, marching to the Mount Pleasant square.