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      Students ready for a new school year

      Wednesday is the first day of school for the Kirksville School District, but a few kids have already seen what their new classrooms will look like.

      It was all part of the Kirksville Primary School's Sneak-A-Peek.

      Students from Kindergarten through 2nd grade got to take their school supplies and meet their teachers while having a bit of fun seeing classmates.

      Even though summer vacation is over, it looks as the kids are ready for a new school year.

      "From what I'm seeing, the students are really excited about coming back. I see big smiles on their faces when they come in the room. I've been asking if they are ready to start and all of them are ready I think," said Counselor Diana Dawson.

      During the event, parents were asked to complete enrollment forms and help set up their child's lunch payments.

      Classes begin at the primary school at 8:20 Wednesday morning.