Students sample bison meatballs at school

It was an educational night Tuesday, not just for the kids, but for Mom and Dad and big brother and sister, too.

Adair County R-1 Schools in Novinger held Family Learning Night.

The topic: Yellowstone National Park.

Organizers, with the help of teachers in grades pre-school thru 6th, set up various stations where everyone could, among other things touch bison and wolf fur, explore the inside of a teepee and even get a taste of bison meatballs.

We asked Novinger 2nd-grader Cadace Baird and 1st-grader Trent Yardley what they thought about those meatballs.

They both told us they tasted a lot like hamburger.

Those who attended Family Learning Night also had the chance to feel pelts from various types of animals that live in Yellowstone National Park.

Organizer and teacher, Peggy Maeder, said Family Learning Night is held twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

She told us almost 100 people attended Tuesday night's event.